Harmony 「三月天・和」


As much as you have been waiting for, NUS Chinese Orchestra (NUSCO) is pleased to announce that our annual Semester 2 production,《三月天 • 和》Harmony, will premiere on our YouTube channel on

18th June 2021, 8pm! 

Amidst the challenges and tightened restrictions due to the pandemic, our members remained strong and united as one. Through their continued dedication and hardwork, they overcame the challenges together under the baton of our artistic director, Mr Moses Gay.

Harmony will present to you repertoires ranging from traditional to contemporary music in concertos, ensembles and chamber orchestras, and showcase the versatility and diversity of Chinese orchestral music and the all-roundedness of our members. As an orchestra, we are connected through the common themes of power, positivity and warmth in our repertoires.

Highlights of the evening will include a double concerto featuring the Sheng and Guan, Grasslands Fantasia《草原狂想》by local composers Law Wai Lun and Tan Kah Yong, illustrating their imagination of vast grasslands through the adaptation of jazz. Also featured will be the third movement of the famed Zhongruan concerto, Reminiscences of Yunnan《云南回忆》by Liu Xing who drew on the culture and landscape of Yunnan when composing the piece. The heart of our repertoire, Ode to Peace 《和平颂》by the renowned composer Zhao Jiping, resonates with our theme Harmony - being centred around the Nanjing massacre, the piece depicts the aspirations for world peace and harmony after the war. Audiences can also look forward to contemporary pieces like Danzon No. 2 by our Dizi ensemble and Tides by our Guzheng ensemble alongside a variety of other pieces.