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Transformations 「三月天・化」

Against a backdrop of globalisation and growing interconnectedness between countries, cultures today are at risk of becoming increasingly diluted. Compounded by the impact of social media, it has become harder and harder to maintain one’s identity in today’s world.

NUS Chinese Orchestra’s Transformation will present a repertoire that offers a contemporary take on the diverse cultures and rich heritage of our world even as it captures the essence of what makes them unique. In so doing, Transformation will also showcase the versatility and dynamism of Chinese orchestral music.

Highlights of the evening will include the Singapore premiere of Yangqin Concerto No.1 – Pan Gu 《第一扬琴协奏曲–盘古》by Chinese composer Zhang Zhao, a piece inspired by the protagonist of the Chinese creation myth.

Also featured will be the third movement of the famed Zhongruan concerto, Reminiscences of Yunnan 《云南回忆》by Liu Xing who drew on the culture and landscape of Yunnan in composing the piece.

Audience members can also look forward to a variety of other pieces. Dragon Soaring in the East 《龙跃东方》by Liu Changyuan showcases the Chinese orchestra’s percussion section with its modern interpretation of the traditional folk tune, Jasmine Flower. Gada Meiren Symphonic Poem《嘎达梅林交响诗》by Xin Huguang recounts the tale of a Mongolian hero who led an uprising to fight for his land and his nation’s freedom. Macau Capriccio 《澳门随想曲》by Wang Danhong features elements of both Portuguese and Chinese culture in a celebration of Macau’s distinct blend of East and West.


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