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NUSCO has maintained the practice of holding concerts annually to showcase the orchestra's progress as well as to encourage greater appreciation and awareness of Chinese Classical Music. 


The following are some of our recent shows:


Nusco50 poster.png



NUSCO50 pays tribute to the enduring spirit and unwavering determination of its members. 50 years ago, NUSCO embarked on its musical journey, facing challenges headstrong with a fighting spirit. Despite the members’ diverse backgrounds, they came together, finding harmony and strength in their shared love for Chinese Orchestral music.

NUSCO's story is a reminder of the power of teamwork and the beauty that emerges when individuals unite for a common purpose, inspiring generations to embrace the magic of Chinese Orchestral music.



Essentially Macbeth


Having moved away from their involvement in the arts, a group of ex-drama club members come together in an attempt to stage Macbeth in order to rekindle the passion they felt 10 years ago. Their life choices are examined and by coming back to theatre, can they rediscover the meaning and purpose of the
arts in their lives?

Directed by Judy Ngo, with original score composed by Phang Kok Jun and conducted by Moses Gay, Essentially Macbeth is a first-of-its kind collaboration between NUS Chinese Drama
and NUS Chinese Orchestra and explores what success, ambition and fulfilment mean to today's generation.




《三月天。寻》Seek aims to encapsulate the old and new.

寻 (Seek) – a process of search for a new musical direction for the art form; a process of search for the roots; a process of self-searching and self-improvement.

2021 June



《三月天 · 和》Harmony showcases harmony and strong spirits fostered in many ways. NUS Chinese Orchestra’s Harmony presents a repertoire that offers a spectrum of genres in Chinese music, from traditional to contemporary, and in different group settings. From concertos, ensembles to chamber orchestras, Harmony will showcase the all-roundedness of our members and the adaptability of Chinese Orchestral music in the ever-changing world. Power, positivity, and warmth are common themes in our repertoire that connect us as an orchestra.

Featured works includes a double-soloist concerto with the Sheng and Suona, Grasslands Fantasia《草原狂想》. It also includes the third movement of the famed Zhongruan concerto, Reminiscences of Yunnan 《云南回忆》

2019 March

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-22 at 3.45.53 PM.



Since ancient times, mathematics has played an integral role in the development of the Chinese civilisation, from engineering and construction to the formulation of war strategies that led to decisive victories. NUSCO's concert 《战数》The Art of War draws the link between music to Mathematics through a unique selection of repertoire. 

Featured works includes a piano concerto piece 《长城随想曲》 The Great Wall Capriccio as well as 《交响诗:赤壁》 Symphonic Poem: Battle of the Red Cliff, performed by tenor soloist Raymond Lee together with the orchestra.

2018 March



This year, NUSCO is presenting《三月天•系》Connections which celebrated the interconnections among all beings, through the music of the past and present. The repertoire includes pieces written by well-known composers such as Robert Casteels’ Symphony No. 3 Opus 55 《第三交响乐》 and Law Wai Lun's The Celestial Webs 《天网》. 

Featured work includes a concerto piece A Moonlit Night by the Flower-bloomed River in Spring 《春江花月夜》as well as our Pipa soloist, Yan Peiyan. It also includes Zhongruan concerto The Sisters’ Islands《姐妹岛》, brought to you by Ng Wei Jie and Andrea Leong. 

2017 March



NUSCO's concert 《三月天 • 界》Orbis seeks to invoke a sense of grandeur about our beautiful blue planet. The repertoire hopes to enthral the audience while the musicians traverse the vast expanse of the oceans and embark on an epic journey through the greatest trading route in history.


Featured works include Jiang Ying's The Silk Road and Impressions of Chinese Music, Su Wen-Cheng's Song of the Sea as well as our dizi soloist Beverly Goh's award-winning concerto, Bamboo Flute Concerto. 

2016 March



A Glimpse of Diversity highlights the difference in culture and beliefs that we all possess in spite of biological similarities, with composers making use of such thematic material to explore and evolve the sound of the Chinese Orchestra.


Featured works include Jin Xiang's Glimpses of Taklamakan, Pasibutbut Fantasia by Su Wen Cheng, as well as Gu Guan Ren's concerto Hua Mu Lan performed by pipa soloist Chin Zhi Yun.

2015 October



Consisting of familiar tunes such as 城里的月光,Over The Rainbow and 月亮代表我的心, An Evening of Melodies aims to evoke feelings of nostalgia and celebrate the annual Mid-Autumn Festival with our audience. Light-hearted and fun, the repertoire hopes to make it more accessible to an audience not frequently exposed to Chinese Classical Music.

2014 October




Part of the annual NUS ExxonMobil Campus Concerts, Tales brought to life many popular Chinese folk stories with an assortment of music that was inspired by them.


Featured were pieces that were notably linked to traditional tales and myths such as Fisherman of the East China Sea and Madame White Snake and introduced in a style akin to Chinese skits.

2014 March

NUSCO Vestige



Vestige is part of NUSCO's annual 三月天 concert series and featured songs such as 秦兵马俑幻想曲, 嘎达梅林交响曲,山海印象,梦之舞 in an attempt to highlight the aspects of Chinese culture that have faded in time. 


The concert also served as the world premiere of the piece 梦之舞, which was written by award-winning composer Mr Xu Zhi Yan and performed by soloist Mr Seetoh Poh Lam alongside the orchestra.

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